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Valentine Sports Park

Valentine Sports Park, located in Sydney, the sporting and administrative headquarters of Football NSW, stands as a monument to Charles James Valentine’s vision, tenacity and brilliant financial management.

The NSW Soccer Federation (now Football NSW) will be forever indebted to Charles Valentine for his vision and financial acumen during his 16 years service as NSW Soccer Federation Treasurer.

During his term in office Charles kept a tight control of the Federation’s finances and built up the funds mainly through the gate money received by matches played in NSW by Manchester United, Everton, Liverpool and Celtic.

He convinced the Directors to invest the funds in land for a Headquarters for Soccer.

He arranged the purchase of land at Parklea that was owned by his family at below market value and then bought surrounding land as it became available until a total of 26 acres was owned.

With assistance from Norbrik and the NSW Engineers Association, Field Days were arranged by Charles to develop the soccer fields and a dam at no cost to the Federation.

Charles successfully applied for grants from the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation with which he built a close co-operation with the Minister Michael Cleary and the Department. With their financial assistance he planned and supervised the building of the administration block in 1981.

A few years later in 1985 NSW Premier Neville Wran gave a grant of one million dollars to enable the accommodation block to be built thus the headquarters was complete.

In 2002, the administration building opened, named the Charles Valentine Building. NSW Amateur Soccer Federation and NSW Soccer Federation merge (unification). Soccer NSW is born. In 2007, Members agree to change name from Soccer NSW to Football NSW.

Construction of Valentine Sports Park